Witchy Gypsy Energetic Healing

Ayo! I’m Maddie, the founder of Witchy Gypsy. Energetic healing is the term I use to describe the mission of this company. As a yoga teacher, my core beliefs stem from the yogic philosophy and eastern medicine of healing. We have so much more power than we realize! We also don’t realize how much of our past influences our future. That’s where we forfeit our power…to the past, to expectations, to living up to someone else’s idea of success for you. I want to teach you how to trust in yourself and in your power. This human existence is meant to be abundant! Ask the universe for what you want and you will receive it, as long as you’re willing to give love and gratitude to everyone around you, to mother earth, and to yourself. I want everyone to find happiness, to heal, and to love themselves and be open to receiving love from others.

I’m so grateful to be able to share all of these amazing healing and witchy products and remedies to help you find everything you’re looking for. With the yoga philosophy, herbalism, and the law of attraction, anything is possible. Everything I’ve done and learned has brought me to this point, and I’m still learning and growing, but I’m so excited to share the journey!

Welcome to the Witch Bitch Community, and it’s only the beginning witches.


Where you can find me:

Jojo’s Farmers Market Carlin Park Jupiter, FL Last Saturday of every month!


Fort Lauderdale Farmer’s Market